Natural History Gallery, Jeweler and Bookstore


We have our own goldsmiths, gem cutters and jewelry designer, so we can create virtually any type of jewelry, in silver , gold or platinum. We also size rings, do repairs and replace lost or damaged gemstones.

Additionally, we can modify your existing jewelry, from replacing the head to accommodate a larger gem, to converting a brooch to a pendant.

Stop in or call us to schedule a jewelry or gemstone consultation.

Owner Walt Lombardo's interest in gemstones started in Las Vegas with a chance encounter with Wayne Newton's personal goldsmith/jeweler. He encouraged Walt to pursue a career in gemstones after learning of his background in geology and mineralogy.  Since that meeting, Walt has met and dealt with numerous gem miners, master gemcutters and suppliers worldwide. He selects fine quality gemstones exhibiting superior color and cut to offer  his customers a great buying experience.


We deal in common to rare gemstones, and occasionally sell consignment gems from significant collections.  We are currently working on two such collections, which have everything from exceedingly rare faceted stones, to fine jewelry-grade gems, to difficult to find cabochons of agates and jaspers.  We will be featuring some very nice items in the coming months.  Contact us if you would like a private showing.

We specialize in colored gemstones, common and rare. Whether you are looking for an amethyst or a benitoite, we either have it in stock, or can get it quickly from our network of master gem cutters and gem dealers worldwide.

We have a large inventory of gemstones, many of which are cut to ideal weight and proportions, meaning you get a bright, lively gemstone, and don't pay more than you have to for it.

We also carry and source rare collector gemstones for the discriminating gem aficienado.