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About Us


Discover the Earth!

Our passion is sharing these stories with our customers: from the geometric crystal forms of minerals; to the history of ancient life through fossils; or the eternal beauty of a gemstone which lie dormant for eons until it was excavated and burnished by man. Each represents a unique piece of natural art for you to take home and enjoy. 

Our team is made up of geologists, gemologists and jewelers. We believe that in order to understand the beautiful planet we live on, you must be able to see, touch and experience it. Therefore, we travel far and wide to bring  back not only the items, but the stories behind them.

The founder of Nevada Mineral & Book Company is Walter Lombardo, a geologist with more than 35 years experience in mineralogy and the mining industry. Walter has extensive contacts worldwide for minerals, fossils and gemstones, many acquired directly from the people who mine them.